Becoming a member of the Vancouver Island Karting association has enormous benefits! We are a light hearted group who comes together for the love of karting and the love of community. If you are considering joining the sport of karting and are looking for a friendly, competitive, local group that you and your family can enjoy spending multiple weekends a year with, look no further - you've found us!

Karters come in all shapes and sizes, young or old, male or female. Young karters are able to race with us starting on their 5th birthday (National Karting Alliance), and we have had one very dear member that drove with us until he was 83 years of age!

If you're considering joining the world of karting, stop by one of our events or meetings, contact one of our club executives, or take a leap to the front of the pack and start filling out the Membership Application today via Motorsport Reg!