Learn about karting and our club


How can I get started in karting?

Getting into karting can have many meanings - one may wish to be a driver, where another would love to be a corner marshall or flagger, and someone else may wish to be part of a pit crew. Our club has a variety of members that all have a role in the karting community. Don't ever feel shy to ask a question - we all know that we were all beginners once.

Coming out to one of our track days would be a great place to learn about karting - these days are packed with excitement! Another valuable resource is our Member Pages on vika.ca, where you have access to our forum and other members to ask all of your karting questions to. This forum also has a buy/sell section, so that you are able to see gear and equipment that club members are selling. To be a member of the forum, you must be a club member, so sign up today! 

Who can kart at VIKA?

Events hosted by VIKA are open to the public for spectating and are open to VIKA club members for participation. We have a wide range of members in all shapes and sizes, male and female, children and seniors. If you are considering coming out to spectate, volunteer, or participate in an event, know that we would love for you to join us at one of our upcoming track days!

Where are your track day events located?

VIKA is pleased to announce that the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit will be hosting track days for our club members! VIMC is a brand new, state of the art facility and has a dynamic and challenging track that will test any driver. Check out our "Schedule" section for more information!

Is karting expensive?

It doesn't have to be, but it sure can be! Like many sports, there are different levels of karting such as the local level, provincial level, nationals, and even large international events. Many karters start out with used equipment to see if it is something they want to invest their time and energy into. These karters sometimes choose to upgrade to a new kart, but many stick to what they have or get new pre-loved equipment. We have a varied group in terms of what we are willing to spend, but one thing is certain, that spending more doesn't always mean you'll have more fun! 

Is karting a good family sport?

It sure is! Many of our karters have been racing for decades and we have one very special family that had three generations of racers racing on the same day! Karting is a family sport and there is a role for everyone at the track. Think about it: someone needs to drive, someone needs to be the pit crew, and someone needs to be the cheering crowd. If you are looking for a family sport, you have found the right one; and if you're looking for a family, then you've found that too!

Are the kart club members friendly?

Absolutely! The Vancouver Island Karting Association is well-known for having a friendly, knowledgable, and supportive community! Many of our members have been involved in karting for many years, have tons of knowledge, and are willing to answer any questions you may have about getting involved today. 

Who can I speak with to get more information about getting into karting?

Feel free to contact any member of our executive team through the Club Executive page for more information on getting into karting! They can either help you with your questions or get you in touch with someone to chat to. Alternatively, you can take the leap and sign up for a membership so you can chat with other karters on our forum!

What are the benefits of having a club membership, and do I need to race if I am a member?

The biggest club benefit is that you're able to drive in club events if you have a club membership! You are invited to club meetings, can vote in club elections, you can view club minutes and notices online, and you have access to the club forum and for-sale pages.

Is karting a good spectator sport?

Karting is a very exciting spectator sport! You may even notice that some of our weekend go-getters have been cheering racers on for years! Once you have seen a few events, you'll learn some driver names and be as invested in the action as if you were on a pit crew. Perhaps you may consider taking an even closer view of the track and consider being a corner marshall...

What is the difference between the Capital City Kart Club and the Vancouver Island Karting Association?

The Capital City Kart Club and the Vancouver Island Karting Association are one and the same. In 1970, the CCKC was formed and now operates as the Vancouver Island Karting Association.